A spiritual genius of commanding intellect and a pragmatic preacher, Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji is a self-realized master on a mission to spread the word of God. He is a sworn Brahamchari who has devoted his life to the service of the Almighty. His mission to educate people and free them from worldly bondages is executed through his discourses on various religious scriptures. Swami Ji follows a unique style of preaching as he corroborates all the ancient textual sayings with an impenetrable logic. This not only provides his pupils with a context that can be applied to the modern day world but also removes any inherent doubts about God. Thus, the religious discourses by Swami Ji are not just mere recitals but a way of life, something that the seeker can apply and adhere to in his daily life. Swami Ji has also devised a wide array of meditation methods that lay the foundation of a pure mind and body where love for the Almighty can suitably foster. In addition to regular discourses, these meditation techniques are practiced in a special, one of its kind, congregation called Sadhna Satsang which aims for the oneness of mind and body through solitude and discipline. Swami Ji has held religious sessions of wide variety across different countries like India, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Dubai etc. All of Swami Ji’s sessions are open to anyone with a desire to unite with God and understand his Holy word.

There are many ways to please the Almighty and remember His name, however the easiest of them all is to chant his glory and understand his deeds thoroughly. Swami Ji aims to elucidate the Almighty’s holy words through his multiple discourses on various religious scriptures. Swami Ji has held discourses on scriptures like Ramcharitmanas, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Katha, Shri Ram Katha, Shri Shiv Puran Katha, Shri Geeta Ji to name a few and has been doing that for the past more than 20 years now.