Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji Maharaj

Letter of Pujya Shri Prem Nath Ji Maharaj

Letter Hand written By Pujya Shri Premnath Ji Maharaj during birth of Swami Nalinanand Giri dated Feb-16-1979

Sanyas At a Glance

Swami Nalinanand Giri ji maharaj was in search for a divinely inspired and spiritually blessed guru, one who was ordained by God to guide the lost souls. He met several saints in his search for the right guru, before meeting Param Pujya Mahamandleshwar Shri Swami Brahmanand Giri ji Maharaj. The latter's divine simplicity and adorable beatitude impressed the seeker in Swami Nalinanand Giri ji leading to instant connection.

On the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Swami Nalinanand Giri ji requested Swami Brahmanand Giri ji to initiate him as a Natshtik Brahmcharyi. On September 8, 2001, Swami Nalinanand Giri ji was ritualistically ordained as a Natshtik Brahmcharya on the banks of the holy river Ganga ( The Ganges ). But this was not the end, He continued his spiritual journey with an overwhelming desire of becoming a complete sanyasi. As a seeker he was in constant touch with Swami Brahmananda Giri ji and wanted him to confirm him into renunciation (sanyas). March 5, 2005 the day of Mahashivratri was approaching and Swami Nalinanand Giri ji expressed His desire before his master Swami Brahmanand Giri ji for his blessings. Swami Brahmanand Giri ji was in Vedic Ashram in Chanod, Dariyapura Vadodara (Gujrat). This was the place where Shankracharya took Apath sanyas. Upon Swami Brahmanand Giri ji’s confirmation Swami Nalinanand Giri ji along with 19 devotees reached Badrik Ashram for sanyas the next step to Natshtik Brahmcharya. The ritual steps were performed on March 7, 2005 followed by the actual Sanyas diksha next day i e March 8, 2005 at 5 am on the banks of the Narmada.

Shri Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji's Sanyas Ceremony

Videos of the Sanyas Ceremony

First Shri Amritwani Ji Path by Swami Nalinanand Giri ji after the Sanyas ceremony

Sanyas Diksha Patra

Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji's Sanyas Diksha Patra by Pujya Shri Swami Brahmanand Giri Ji Maharaj

Biography in Hindi

Biography in English

Kathopanishad says that learn from the one who is ananya or in other words one with God- one who is no different than him. Brahamvid brahmev bhavati..( Brahmsutra) i.e. One who knows God becomes one with him. Narayan ke jo jan sa narayan jaan ( in Bhakti Prakash.). And Shri Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji maharaj in one of his lectures (recorded copy and transcript available on website for download) speaks from the 18 th and concluding chapter of Gita about the way to worship and attain and experience God and His knowledge. It is .. Swakarmana tabyaarchy siddhim vindati manavahi.e. doing ones duty and at the same time believing that my duty is worship of God and offering these flowers to God is the way to attainment of oneness with The Perfect and infinite. He gave illustrations and references from Hindu scriptures like Mahabharat, Upanishads, Bhaagwat Puran to bring home this point in one of his wonderfully great book Bhakti Prakash. He goes on to give references of Kaushik who went on to take lessons on Brahm Gyan from a ordinary Housewife. And she says to Kaushik, " I learnt all this while doing my duties towards my husband. He further gives reference about another ascetic Jajli who was inspired by Divine voice to go and seek the way to attain God from a trader and householder Tuladhaar. Tuladhaar teaches him that I learnt this science and attained the divine knowledge while serving my parents and selling timber. He goes on to give example of King Janak how he attained the ultimate - after knowing whom, nothing remains to be known. And he attained this while he took care of his day to day duties as king. Swami ji goes on further to say that Banda Bairagi and Maharana Pratap achieved Him while doing their duties towards their countrymen and by doing the supreme sacrifice. He postulated the eternal and perennial vedic truth that Bhakti and Sadhna in no way isolates you from the society and family. He tried to describe that how one has to worship as part of his daily duties and thoughts. Parmatma ko poojiye Ghat mein Dhar kar dhyaan, man ko mandir maaniye, jo hai param mahan.. He asks us to worship Almighty Shri Ram in our body and to seat the lord inside our mind and heart. And he describes this as the highest temple of the lord. Since this is the highest temple, he goes on to describe in detailkayak e sadhan or the means to make body fit and worthy of being the temple of the lord. He further explains how to do breathing exercise and Pranayam and instructs us to lern them from a well qualified and adept expert in this. This is why swami Nalinanand ji has kept a very important place for walks, exercises and physical fitness as regimen for a healthy body for all his followers on this divine path. Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji Maharaj then details the means of training the mind and on how to discipline it. He goes on to say."man ke jeete jeet hai." This is very much in accordance with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Gita. The Isha Upanishad guides one to " have a wish to Live for 100 years in a healthy body and sound mind. ( Jijivishet.). Those with a fit body and mind become worthy and good instruments of God when they progress in bhakti and surrender their ego to God- Almighty Shri Ram. Swami Satyanand ji in Ved Saar on the importance of charity by capable by making Dharamshalas ( Community centres), gardens, by digging wells and arrange water for people, by running Sadavrat/ langaretc for hungry and needy. The sanantan dharma as explained by Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji maharaj, postulates that social and family responsibilities can not be separated from the talk of God and from the means to attain Him. Those who run away from their responsibilities can not know HIM like Kaushi Jajali etc and keep falling back in the cycle of ignorance till they learn it from those ananya who attained Him through this vedic way. Lord Krishna says," I am seated equally in the hearts of all beings" As it is truly so, how can one walk away and turn ones face away from sufferings and hnger of others. Swami ji quoted from Isha Upanishad that all this seen and unseen creation is pervaded by Almighty Ishwar ( Almighty God). In light of this fact, how can an aspirant on the path to bhakti of Almighty Shri Ram ignore his presence in everything. Shri Swami ji in one of topics Leela, describes how to see Him everywhere in all times, seasons and circumstances. He is there everywhere. We just have to feel his presence. Ram nam helps one reach such a state of purity that it happens. It is well proven, well documented and very well established practice.

So many of the saints sanyasis and householders have experienced the veracity and effectiveness of Ram Nam Mahamantra. Shri swami ji maharaj had himself seen the efficacy of vedic mantras and rituals. He used to say that if you want to do any ritualistic worship, you must do it very properly under the guidance of a learned scholar. Swami Nalinanand ji, taking inspiration from this, arranges and teaches and demonstrates how the havans, poojas and Rudraabhisheks etc must be conducted with proper Bhaav and shraddha/ devotion & faith and at the same time explaining them reason and deeper meaning behind each step and ritual. Swami Nalinanand ji goes at length in describing the deeper meanings hidden in various ancient scriptures and writings / granths of Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj. It is a rare treat to listen to his discources in the series of special lectures which he has named Shri Bhakti Prakash Gyaan Yagya. He teaches people the importance of physical fitness and for this arranges from time to time, sports meet for all those who come in contact with him to learn the nuances of Dharm and Moksh. He , like his Guru Shri Prem Nath ji Maharaj, believes that a suffering or hungry man can not easily fix his mind on various aspects of worship of lord Almight Shri Ram ji. Therefore he untiringly and oblivious of his personal comforts, keeps meeting people to remove their problems by counseling, prayers and through his influence with all segments of society. Unlike many others basking in the glory of Gurudom, he loves to go and preach on the street. For 40 days each year, starting from new year day, he walks on feet and goes from street to street to reach out to all sections of the society and infuses divine love in one and all without any discrimination. He loves to visit the poorest of the poor with the same love and spirit as he does with the rich and mighty. His love is same for all without any discrimination. Swami Satyanand ji used to say that swadhyay. Self studies is the necessary accompaniment to Sadhna. ( sadhana ka sangi hai swadhyay. It is a treat to swadhyay of the scriptures with Swami Nalinanand as he dwells on the deeper and correct meanings of the scriptures while doing his pravachans on Shri Bhagwat Puran, Shiv Puran, Geeta, Upanishads etc. his lectures are interspersed with examples and quotes from works and writings of Swami Satyanand ji maharaj, from guru granth sahib and he freely quotes from various saints alos without any bhedbhaav. He works hard to spread communal love. Like his guru Shri Prem Nath ji Maharaj, he does not believe in religious boundaries. Like him he is loved and revered by all great saints of all sects and by people of various religious beliefs. His knowledge of guru granth sahib, of bible and Sanskrit scriptures has made him beloved of all the lovers of almighty who come in contact with him. His worshippable guru Shri Prem Nath ji Maharaj was embodiment of love and service to all beings. His seva, combined with his overflowing compassion for one and all was enough to invoke bhakti in all those who came in contact with him. He served the suffering humanity with all his means and it extended to animals too as he saw the presence of Almighty in them too. He taught in silence by being his own example of following the practices. As an able and sincere disciple Swami Nalinanand has imbibed these virtues of his guru. One can often see him rushing to hospitals at midnight to help people in distress. One can often see him organizing blood donation camps. It is nice to see him inspire young boys to form a group and patronizing them to serve stray injured cows and dogs. Another important aspect of spiritual life is the feeling of community brotherhood and commeradeership..
Shri Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj elaborated on this aspect by devotin one chapter on Bandhu Bhavana/ brotherhood where he elaborates on its importance. It is very nice to see that this spirit is very well nurtured and inspired into the life of groups of his followers. It looks as if all those aspirants walking on the path divine are like pearls and he himself works as thread / sootr making them look like an adorable necklace. It is nice to see the aspirants joining and meeting at various langars and community dinners which are simple but full of love. The path to attain the knowledge and experience of almighty is not just sitting in the isolation and doing meditation in a cave or forest etc.. It is the path where you devote your life to your duties and doing it beautifully and at the same time offering these fragrent flowers at the feet of Almighty. Swami Satyanand ji used to say-" these flowers are accepted by almighty shri ram and he gets worshipped by these. Let us all learn by example set by these great saints and walk with joy on the path to meet our beloved ishtdev Shri RAM JI.