The practice of Anulom-Viloma Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing is aimed at restoring the balance between the physical energy (represented by the right nostril) and the mental energy (represented by the left nostril) thereby leading to a healthy metabolism. It not only cleanses the blood of toxins but also allows a seeker to effectively de-stress. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika are the hyperventilation types of Pranayama that are performed using the techniques of Kumbhak (retention of air) and Bandha (energy locks). These type of Pranayama are aimed at revitalizing the body by improving blood circulation. Bhastrika involves fast inhalation and fast exhalation with Kumbhak and Bandhas in between. This stimulates the heart and lung muscles and washes out toxic gases from the body. Pujya Swami ji believes that the purity and body control that a seeker learns during Yoga makes it easier for him to meditate and achieve the state of trance.

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