About Shri Ram Katha

Shri Ram Katha is centered on the verses of Ramcharitmanas which is considered one of the greatest works of Hindi literature. Written in vernacular Avadhi language, the core of the work is a poetic retelling of the events of the Sanskrit epic Ramayana by Valmiki. While the Valmiki Ramayana is entirely centered on the narrative of Lord Rama, Ramcharitmanas has additional content on art, culture and ideal behavior. The entire scripture is divided into seven sections called Kaands, each of which very succinctly delineates a particular phase in the life of Lord Rama. The sections cover his entire story from childhood to His return from exile and later life. One of the seven sections Sundar Kaand has been devoted entirely Lord Hanuman, the most ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Ramcharitmanas also depicts Ravana as the perfect enemy who despite all his knowledge, is blinded by ego and worldly pleasures, chooses to fight the God himself.

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