To serve humanity selflessly and enhance seekers’ spirituality without any alteration in discharge of daily duties
To spread and heal one’s soul through the maha-mantra of “RAM NAAM”

Discover the true inner soul (Aatma) to achieve salvation under the tutelage of a self-realized master The initiation of a seeker begins with the ceremony of “Naam Deeksha” which is akin to embedding a seed (the name of the Lord) in the lap of mother earth (the soul of the seeker). During this process, a seeker is conferred the maha-mantra of “RAAM NAAM” and explained all the nuances of various methods of salvation e.g. “DHAYANA”, “JAAP” etc. The instructions given during “Naam Deeksha” are sacrosanct and must be adhered to by a true seeker. “Naam Deeksha” is an integral part of “Sant Parampra” or the tradition of sainthood. It is considered as the first stepping stone for a seeker to achieve complete unison with the Almighty. The seed of Lord’s name blossoms, inside a seeker’s soul, and achieves fruition as the seeker continues to strengthen spiritual ability. As a seedling can bear fruit only under favorable environmental conditions, similarly the maha-mantra of “RAM NAAM” can prosper only under the guidance of a self-realized master. As a seeker strives to lend a meaning to his existence by achieving inner peace and calmness, the selection of a righteous path is of paramount importance. Hence, a genuine proponent of true spirituality is essential for guiding the seeker to the right course and providing him with the ultimate knowledge. This is when a self-realized master becomes truly relevant. Only an enlightened master is allowed to confer the maha-mantra of “RAM NAAM” to a seeker since only a well-lit lamp can shatter the darkness and light other lamps with its mere touch. Our meditation methodology harps on simplicity and clarity. It is devoid of any convoluted techniques or rituals and abstains from material offerings of any kind. The methodology is solely based on the perpetual recital of the maha-mantra of “RAM NAAM”. The maha-mantra was dispensed by our revered Guru Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, who devoted His entire life to the proliferation of the Lord’s name. The torch of maha-mantra was carried further by His very accomplished disciple and successor Shri Prem Nath Ji Maharaj. Currently, as guided by Holy Gurujan, Param Pujya Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji Maharaj is continuing with the dissemination of the maha-mantra of “RAAM NAAM”. A true guide to seekers, Swami Nalinanand Giri Ji Maharaj has dedicated his entire life to uplifting the mankind by promulgating his learnings from the Holy Souls of Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj and Shri Prem Nath Ji Maharaj.