During the course of yatra, the holy jote is carried on a Rath (chariot) which is pulled turn by turn by the seekers. As the Rath moves along, chants and recitals of His name fills the entire ambiance . Recital of shlokas and aarti by Swami ji took place before the jote is put on the chariot after Vishraam (rest) and after it was taken off the chariot for Vishraam. For the entire period of 40 days, Pravachans by Swami ji were discoursed in the presence of the holy jote. The yatra panned across the entire city and was covered by Swami ji on foot irrespective of the distances involved. The daily yatra culminated with the distribution of prasaad by Swami ji himself. Swami ji aimed to spread the name of the God and educate people about the divine powers of Lord through this yatra. In line with his pragmatic approach, Swami ji often quoted poems by the famous Indian freedom fighter Ramprasad Bismil in his satsangs during the 40-day period. These poems, highlighting never ending love for the motherland, his unwavering determination to achieve his goal, and his fearless attitude, provided a more contemporary context to the seekers. They set an example for the youth to follow and laid out the values to abide by. Multiple such yatras were undertaken by Swami ji in India.

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