Shri Premnath Ji Maharaj

Param Pujya Shri Prem Nath ji Maharaj was one of those saintly persons whose life of selfless service, devotion to the well-being of others and perennial humility has been a model for all sadhakas to emulate. He was an embodiment of virtuous piety and self-effacement. Precious little is known about his life, except the fact that he was a disciple of Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji Maharaj and carried forward his message of peace and prosperity through Ram Jaap (name chanting). He was born on October 2, 1920 and worked as a central government employee at Delhi. Other than selfless service to the suffering masses around him, he initiated countless people into a life of purity, charity and spiritual values. After the Nirvana of Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji Maharaj, Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj, who had been nominated his spiritual descendant, carried forward the message and unfinished agenda of the former. He used his simplicity and spiritual power to ignite the flame of benevolence and humanitarianism in all those who came into touch with Him. He did sewa (service) at Shree Ram Sharnam Ashram which had been founded by Swami ji Maharaj in Delhi. The place has since become a popular spot of congregations and spiritual discourses. The job he took upon himself was an onerous one. It needed a single minded devotion to the cause. He successfully went about spreading the desired message of "Ram bhaj" and "Ram Jaap" all around the country.

Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj advocated a life free from arrogance "aham" (ego and pride) in people especially in the saints and sanyasis. He believed that saints should not listen to excessive adulation as it might lead to the diminution of their spiritual powers. He led the simple life of a humble sewak (servant) of the Lord. Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj believed that the method of detachment for obtaining spiritual peace taught by His master was an ideal one. He also organized several Sadhna Satsangs at Haridwar. In these satsangs He preached inculcation of high moral and spiritual values in human beings. Shri Premnath ji’s ideas were generally modelled on the precepts and ideals dear to Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj.

Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj breathed his last on July 29, 1993. He is adored by Amritvaani and Ramsharnam devotees as a man of God who was an incarnation of transcendental ideals held sacred in all religions. He has left behind certain rules for the satsang which have had a lasting impact on all His devotees. His insistence on simplicity, austerity, punctuality and discipline has gone down really well with sadhakas. No donations or monetary gifts, no ostentation: only distribution of simple prasaad is some of the main features of his satsangs. In addition, respect for all religions and love for the poor and the down-trodden were emphasized by him. He did not nominate anyone as his successor. He had informally discussed with a select few about reincarnation of Swami Satyanand ji Maharaj. He proclaimed that Swami ji has taken rebirth and will take care of works of Shri Ram Sharnam himself,when he grows up and when his spiritual potential unfolds.

Now many disciples of Pujya Shri Prem Nath ji Maharaj are doing work of Ram Nam Vistaar in their own prominent ways. Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj distributed homeopathic medicines free of cost to those who visited him for help. It is widely believed that he was blessed with divine healing powers and cured ailments simply by touching the patient. He has been said to accept the diseases of others on to himself so that the pain of the patient was mitigated. Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj was an introvert by nature and unassuming by temperament. He stood by the people through thick and thin, helping even strangers in need. He took it as His personal duty to pay for the cremation of unattended bodies. He was a man of God and His deeds were always aimed at reducing the pain of others even if it meant discomfort and strain for himself. Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj was born in a wealthy family in the city of Jhang (now in Pakistan). His father was an established advocate at Lyallpur (now in Pakistan) and all his brothers and sisters were highly educated individuals who went on to excel in their respective professions. Pujya Shri Prem ji Maharaj completed B.Sc (Agriculture) from Lyallpur and started working as an officer in the Agriculture Department. After partition He shifted to Delhi and joined Central Water Commission. Pujya Shri met Swami Satyanand Saraswati ji Maharaj when He was still a student in the college. They met in a train and the elder Swami ji's personality instantly charmed Prem ji Maharaj and He went on to become his disciple. .